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How Robot Transport Units Can Extend Reach and Add 7th Axis Capabilities

July 17th, 2024 |

Robots have become pervasive in manufacturing worldwide. According to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), the North American robotics market has set new records this year, which aligns with the global trend that also shows rapid growth.

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Why Telescopic Lifting Columns Are the Perfect Choice for Your Linear Motion Application

May 13th, 2024 |

Telescopic lifting columns are finding unique and demanding applications in office environments, across the medical field and even in industrial and manufacturing settings. Lifting columns are the ideal choice for a drive element when linear motion is required in addition to stable guidance.

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The Importance of Precision Shafting in Improving Linear Motion System Performance

February 21st, 2024 |

When designing a linear motion system much of the focus is on the selection of the proper linear ball bearing, however, it is not the only element you must consider. In linear motion system engineering it is often said that "better shafts mean better linear motion performance."

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Finding the Right Solution for Shock and Vibration Isolation

January 29th, 2024 |

Vibration isolation mounts protect machinery by reducing the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves. Applications such as large motors and industrial machines generate powerful vibrations and excessive noise when active. Those vibrations cause damage to the equipment and create unsafe working conditions.

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Belt-Driven Versus Ball Screw Actuator: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Application?

December 13th, 2023 |

Today, linear actuators play a significant role in a broad range of advanced automation applications. From the simple movement of raw material in a manufacturing environment to advanced robotic systems for the precise positioning of a machine tool, linear actuators provide fast, efficient and repeatable motion for a variety of tasks. Two of the most widely used types of linear actuators are belt-driven and ball screw driven actuators.

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What Is an Air Bearing?

November 15th, 2023 |

Air bearings offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings as well as create opportunity for a much broader range of applications.

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RF and EMI/EMC Anechoic Testing Chambers – What Are They and How Do They Work?

October 18th, 2023 |

The word ‘anechoic’ means simply ‘without echo’. An anechoic chamber is a box, chamber or room that is devoid of reflections from the walls, ceiling, or floor. If you’ve ever been in a large room and shouted ‘echo!’, you’ll know that you usually get some kind of reverberation where you hear your voice repeat a few times. To avoid this phenomena, anechoic chambers are lined on the inside with materials that are designed to completely absorb all sound waves thus eliminating any and all reflections.

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Acoustic Absorption & Thermal Insulating Foams

September 12th, 2023 |

Since 1983, Isotech, Inc. has collaborated with customers in the aviation and aerospace, transportation, off-highway, marine and medical industries to design and engineer industry-leading acoustic and thermal control products.

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Water Resistant Linear Actuators

March 20th, 2023 |

Job Stories: Customer looking for water resistant automated solution to support their experimental design for water simulating tank testing.

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Heavy Duty Slew Rings, Turntable Bearings, & Slew Drives

February 15th, 2023 |

The rugged ball-bearing and crossed roller slewing rings from Isotech are characterized by their large diameter and large bores with only a small cross-section. They were designed for axial, radial as well as combined axial and radial loads.

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Cartesian Gantry Robots – Advantages and Applications

February 1st, 2023 |

SCARA and articulating arm robots might be the most recognizable form of robot on the market today, but look to gantry robots for getting the big jobs done in the least amount of space.

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Electrically Heated Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

January 13th, 2023 |

The Electra Series H&D furnace lines is a unique “piggy back” design that provides a complete heat capability occupying minimal floor space. Two independent furnace chambers are provided. The top chamber is optimized for hardening operations while the lower chamber is optimized for tempering or drawing operations.

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crossed Roller Slide or Table Assembly

October 7th, 2022 |

When referring to linear bearings, we generally think of devices that incorporate ball bearings – meaning friction is reduced between moving parts by recirculating balls. Bushings, ball splines, linear guides, and slides typically incorporate recirculating ball bearings. As technology has become more demanding and requiring greater precision, however, reliance another type of linear bearing, the crossed roller, has dramatically increased.

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Five Reasons for Using a Slide Bushing in Linear Motion Applications

September 26th, 2022 |

Slide bushings are linear bushings with mechanism that utilizes the rolling motion of ball elements. Since linear motion is obtained with simple mechanism, the linear bushing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation, food processing and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Custom Metal Stamping & Deep Drawn Eyelet Stamping

February 9th, 2021 |

Isotech, Inc. features an array of metal stamping and deep drawn eyelet stamping services.

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Isotech is Now Offering the IPG Fiber Cube Laser Cutting System

January 27th, 2021 |

The IPG Fiber laser cube is the most cost-effective machine on the market today with a host of advanced and proven technologies. 

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When Should Designers Use Crossed Roller Bearings?

September 23rd, 2020 |

Isotech's Crossed Roller Rail Sets provide linear motion guide solutions for applications involving long travels and designs where space constraints must be considered.

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Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

August 12th, 2020 |

Multi-Axis Automation Solutions - Pick & Place - Sorting, Packaging & Palletizing - Order Fulfillment - Automated Manufacturing

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Laser Systems for Industrial Use

July 27th, 2020 |

Isotech, Inc. offers a full range of Fiber, C02, UV, Green, MOPA, Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond laser systems for marking, cutting and welding of many substrates.

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Noise & Vibration Solutions

July 18th, 2018 |

Isotech, Inc. offers a wide range of Noise Barrier products to contain/reduce/block the noise path. These include flexible portable or permanent enclosures or sheets and rolls of mass loaded vinyls, quilted barrier composites and absorber barrier composites.

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Extremely Stiff Telescopic Lifting Columns

August 9th, 2017 |

Extremely stiff telescopic lifting columns for large offset loads!

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Low Cost Machinery Vibration Pads made out of HIGH TENSILE AIRCRAFT TIRES

March 10th, 2017 |

Save more money with machinery vibration pads made from recycled aircraft tires.

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Foamed Aluminum Applications

February 8th, 2017 |

Foamed aluminum applications include, military, automotive, design and architecture.

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Custom Linear Slide Assemblies

January 13th, 2017 |

Utilizing our customized or standard slides, let one of our knowledgeable team members provide you with technical assistance, enabling you to find work-arounds to design and develop unique out-of-the-box solutions.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Starting at $170,000

December 2nd, 2016 |

Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Starting at $170,000 and Laser Marking Systems Starting at $60,000

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Vibration Mounts & Isolators for Every Application!

November 18th, 2016 |

Isotech offers a complete line of vibration mounts and isolators for all applications. From vibration isolation to seismic mounts, Isotech has the right product for the job. Mounts include spring, elastomer, neoprene, wire rope and pad-type vibration mounts and isolators for shock and vibration. Seismic vibration isolators are IBC compliant.

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Isotech Introduces Ball and Trapezoidal Screw Drives for Positioning and Other Motion Control Applications

March 6th, 2014 |

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has expanded their line of motion control products to include ball and trapezoidal screw drives for positioning and other motion control applications.

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Isotech Introduces Nano-Positioners to Positioning Stages Product Line

October 8th, 2013 | ,

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has expanded their line of positioning stages products to include Nano-positioners, designed for precision tuning and accuracy.

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Isotech Introduces New Reac Linear Actuators to Product Line

May 6th, 2013 |

Isotech has expanded its line of linear actuators to include the new Reac RE series, available in four models varying in capabilities to meet various specifications.

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Isotech Introduces Custom Manufactured Carbon Fiber Composites to Foamed Metal and Composite Product Line

April 23rd, 2013 |

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has recently introduced custom manufactured carbon fiber composites to its line of foamed metals and composites.

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Isotech Introduces New Line of Non-Magnetic, Lightweight Linear Ball Slides

June 1st, 2012 |

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has introduced a new line of lightweight, non-magnetic linear ball slides designed for motion applications that are sensitive to magnetic influence.

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New from Isotech: Rugged Telescoping Columns for Lifting or Linear Positioning Applications

March 16th, 2012 |

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has introduced the X2 Technology line of expanding aluminum columns used for highly stable support systems, ergonomically sound adjustable height workstations, or to provide smooth, steady linear movement in multiple directions.

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Isotech Linear Belt Drives and Actuators Are Now Available in Plug-and-Play and Standard Off-the-Shelf Configurations

August 31st, 2011 |

Isotech has announced the company is now offering a full line of off-the-shelf and plug-and-play linear belt drives and actuators. Off-the-shelf models are available in standard configurations for quick delivery, while plug-and-play models include an actuator, motor and PLC for out of the box operation for a variety of automation applications.

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Isotech, Inc. Offers Multi-Axis Gantry Systems for Advanced Automation Solutions

November 22nd, 2010 |

Isotech, Inc., a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of OEM products, has announced a partnership with Macron Dynamics, Inc., which enables them to now offer a full range of multi-axis gantry systems to meet a range of automation application demands. Macron’s multi-axis gantries now offered by Isotech provide advanced automation solutions for a broad range of industries, including automotive, medical, packaging, food processing, semiconductors, electronics and more. The gantries are constructed using MacBUILT or MacSTANDARD linear actuators and belt drives backed with a lifetime warranty.

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Graphite Molds Produce ZA-12 Zinc-Aluminum Components at Lower Costs, Faster Turn-Around Times than Alternative Metal Casting Methods

June 21st, 2010 |

Isotech, Inc. Partners with Graphicast to Offer Zinc Aluminum Alloy OE Parts Manufacturing and Prototyping The Graphicast casting process uses graphite molds to produce parts from ZA-12, a zinc-aluminum alloy which physical properties are stronger, harder, and more durable than aluminum, brass, bronze, or plastic. The use of graphite for the casting molds is less expensive than die casting or injection molding due to the lower cost of graphite. In addition, graphite offers exceptional machinability which shortens the mold-making process and overall production timelines.

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New Isotech Belt Driven Actuators Are Designed for Maintenance Free Linear Motion Applications

September 25th, 2008 |

Isotech has announced the company is now offering a complete line of belt driven actuators (belt drives) that come standard with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and are designed to provide an accurate, durable, maintenance free solution for linear motion applications.

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Precision Ground Slide Shafts Increase Bearing Life and Reduce Noisy Operation

June 19th, 2008 |

Isotech today announced that the company is offering a full line of precision ground linear motion shafting, also referred to as slide shafts, designed to maximize bearing life, increase accuracy, and minimize noise of ball splines, slide and stroke bushings.

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Full Line of Positioning Stages From Isotech Offer Accuracy and Repeatability for a Wide Range of Applications

September 10th, 2007 |

Isotech today announced the offering of a full product line of positioning stages designed for gauging and positioning light and medium loads with high accuracy and repeatability.

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Isotech Motorized Positioning Tables Offer Solutions for Both High Accuracy and Heavy Duty Linear Motion Applications

November 3rd, 2006 |

Motorized positioning tables are used in many different applications from robotics and packaging to video production and automation. Isotech Inc., located in Hatfield, Pa, has announced the offering of four different lines of motorized positioning tables that can be customized to fit the unique needs of both high accuracy applications and applications found in heavy duty industrial automation.

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Simple Design, Range of Options Make Isotech’s New Ball Splines a Fit for Many Linear Motion Applications

March 29th, 2006 |

Isotech today announced the company is now offering a new line of ball splines designed to save space, lower design complexity and increase the efficiency of linear motion applications. "The new line of ball spline products is available in a wide variety of configurations," said Joe Casillo president of Isotech. "This range of options allows for use of our ball splines in a diverse range of linear motion applications."

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