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Full Line of Positioning Stages From Isotech Offer Accuracy and Repeatability for a Wide Range of Applications

September 10th, 2007 by isotechinc.

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today announced the offering of a full product line of linear positioning stages designed for gauging and positioning light and medium loads with high accuracy and repeatability.”Commonly used in applications found in semi-conductor, visual inspection, optical assemblies, and measuring instrumentation,” said Joe Casillo president of Isotech, “the availability of multiple configurations allows our positioning slides to be specified for most gauging and positioning applications.”

Positioning StageThree basic positioner styles including ball slide, crossed roller, and side drive are offered in more than 170 different model configurations. Both standard and custom configured drives, mounting options, travel lengths, load capacities, work surface areas, and overall dimensions are available.

“Crossed roller positioning stages provide the most accurate drives and adjustments with accuracy to .0001 inch of travel and repeatability of .0001 inch,” said Casillo. “The more economical ball slide stages are better suited for applications requiring less accuracy.”

In addition, Isotech’s side drive positioning stage models provide a reduced overall length and compact mounting assembly. This makes them ideal for applications with limited space or small footprint requirements.

Each positioning stage is available in X, XY or XYZ configurations and can be stacked for multi-axis applications. In addition, a spring loaded micrometer drive allows for precise repeatable adjustments with low friction and zero backlash. Optional drive configurations include digital micrometer, manual micrometer, and hand crank.

Locking is provided by an optional “Posi-Lock” feature. This arrangement consists of a steel shim and extended micrometer bracket. The bracket is secured by a screw which is mounted to the side of the stage carriage. This allows the user to positively lock the position of the carriage during use. Locking micrometer heads are also available to positively lock the micrometer setting.

Included in Isotech’s full line of positioning stages are the subminiature series, which offers the smallest commercially available positioner, as well as the heavy duty series. The heavy duty series combines high load capacities with the same high accuracy and repeatability found in other positioning stages.

Isotech’s positioning stages are available with travel lengths up to 2 inches and load capacities of up to 160 pounds. All preloaded positioning stages are fully assembled and arrive ready for use. For technical information on Isotech’s positioning slides, visit or call Isotech at 800-314-3332 for assistance with your application. Isotech is available to assist with custom engineering of your positioning system.

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