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Simple Design, Range of Options Make Isotech’s New Ball Splines a Fit for Many Linear Motion Applications

March 29th, 2006 by isotechinc.

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today announced the company is now offering a new line of ball splines designed to save space, lower design complexity and increase the efficiency of linear motion applications.

Rotary Ball Spline“The new line of ball spline products is available in a wide variety of configurations,” said Joe Casillo president of Isotech. “This range of options allows for use of our ball splines in a diverse range of linear motion applications.”

Applications include numerous pick and place uses found in major biotech, medical and medical instrument OEM’s. More specific applications include tool changers, milling machines, and varieties of processing equipment from stamping and machining, to dispensing equipment and conveyor systems.

In total, Isotech ball splines are available in 18 different shaft diameters ranging from four millimeters to 120 millimeters, and seven nut types including rotary spline, cylindrical, flange and block styles.

Included in the new ball spline offerings is a rotary ball spline. Each rotary ball spline nut includes both spline and rotational elements. A single body construction reduces the number of parts, lowering chances of installation errors and component failure.

In addition, Isotech’s ball splines use a round shaft with raceway grooves, allowing the product to easily be machined to custom specifications, while the rotary-type ball splines use cross roller elements and a four-row ball circuit structure to provide rigidity, yet remain compact and lightweight. Each Isotech ball spline is manufactured to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 standards.

“The unique design of our ball splines puts four spline grooves on the circumference of the spline shaft, promoting torque equally in either direction,” said Casillo. “This also allows ease of accurate preload and can provide zero backlash.”

Isotech has many different configurations of ball splines in stock and ready for shipment. Custom configurations are usually available to ship within three weeks. Call Isotech at 267-663-5555  for more information or assistance.

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