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New from Isotech: Rugged Telescoping Columns for Lifting or Linear Positioning Applications

March 16th, 2012 by isotechinc.

Isotech Inc. offers the X2 Technology line of expanding aluminum columns

Hatfield PA, March 2012 — Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, has introduced the X2 Technology line of expanding aluminum columns used for lifting/guidance systems in medical and industrial equipment. The X2 columns are available with two to five telescoping sections and may be configured for highly stable support systems, ergonomically sound adjustable height workstations, or to provide smooth, steady linear movement in multiple directions. Columns are maintenance-free and there is zero play between moving parts.

Isotech president, Joe Casillo said, “With the X2 columns we can deliver rugged, long lasting lifts for precision linear motion assemblies that address a huge variety of applications for moving virtually any type of payloads. We can even integrate a drive motor if the customer needs one.” Casillo said that the Isotech-supplied motor is a high performance 12/24/36 V DC or 3×230 V/50 Hz unit with a patented dual-screw drive assembly.

Example applications include motorized adjustable X-ray equipment stands and operating room equipment. Industrial applications include adjustable machinery stands and devices to move payload platforms in material handling systems. In applications where two separate columns are needed, for example to raise or lower a table supported at two ends, a linear encoder may be used to synchronize both columns for positional accuracy.

Each extrusion is made from rigid, high strength aluminum alloy. Sliding friction is virtually eliminated through an extremely close tolerance manufacturing process which includes the use of special sliding pads and shims to assure an optimum fit between each telescoping section. True fitting of the sections in this manner eliminates vibration during movement unlike other telescoping products that are compressed or squeezed into place. The low friction sliding pads enhance smoothness of movement which reduces wear to extend lifespan. Anodization of the extrusions further aids the smooth, gliding motion of telescoping sections.

Designers will find the sleek extrusion design and eye-pleasing brushed aluminum material permit the columns to be integrated as visible components of the end assembly. The X2 columns are available in standard sizes or may be custom made to meet unique application demands.

Column retracted height ranges from 280 mm to 800 mm (11 to 35 inches) depending on the model selected. By adding telescoping sections Isotech can provide X2 columns with stroke length capacities of from 200 – 2000 mm (8 – 79 inches). The optional drive motor provides a smooth, vibration-free stroke delivering from 1500 to 6000 Newtons of force at linear speeds of 15 to 80 mm/s (0.4 to 3 in/sec). The high quality aluminum extrusions withstand side loads acting against the column of up to 3000 Newtons.

Isotech can work with design engineers to develop custom X2 lifting/positioning systems. The X2 columns meet major medical standards such as EN 60601, UL 2601 and the Medical Product ordinance, and are manufactured according to American QSR (Quality System Regulation) as well as European EN ISO 9001. The columns are factory tested for backlash-free, friction-free movement. For more information call Isotech at 800-314-3332 or visit

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