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Graphite Molds Produce ZA-12 Zinc-Aluminum Components at Lower Costs, Faster Turn-Around Times than Alternative Metal Casting Methods

June 21st, 2010 |

Isotech, Inc. Partners with Graphicast to Offer Zinc Aluminum Alloy OE Parts Manufacturing and Prototyping The Graphicast casting process uses graphite molds to produce parts from ZA-12, a zinc-aluminum alloy which physical properties are stronger, harder, and more durable than aluminum, brass, bronze, or plastic. The use of graphite for the casting molds is less expensive than die casting or injection molding due to the lower cost of graphite. In addition, graphite offers exceptional machinability which shortens the mold-making process and overall production timelines.

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Isotech Offers New Frictionless Air Bearing Cylinders for High-Precision Positioning Applications

January 24th, 2008 |

The new AB Air Cylinder, offered by Isotech Inc., uses a technology called force without friction, which is made possible through the use of a zero friction bearing piston. Friction is reduced by a factor of 1000 as compared to other low-friction air cylinders. The air cylinder uses pressurized air to create a true air bearing effect around the cylinder's piston. This air cylinder is for high precision linear motion and positioning applications where friction, contamination, wear, and temperature vulnerability is of prime concern.

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Simple Design, Range of Options Make Isotech’s New Ball Splines a Fit for Many Linear Motion Applications

March 29th, 2006 |

Hatfield, Pa. - Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today announced the company is now offering a new line of ball splines designed to save space, lower design complexity and increase the efficiency of linear motion applications. "The new line of ball spline products is available in a wide variety of configurations," said Joe Casillo president of Isotech. "This range of options allows for use of our ball splines in a diverse range of linear motion applications."

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