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Precision Ground Slide Shafts Increase Bearing Life and Reduce Noisy Operation

June 19th, 2008 by isotechinc.

Slide ShaftIsotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today announced that the company is offering a full line of precision ground linear motion shafting, also referred to as slide shafts, designed to maximize bearing life, increase accuracy, and minimize noise of ball splines, slide and stroke bushings.”Each slide shaft is precision ground and case hardened,” said Joe Casillo, president of Isotech, Inc. “It is precise control of the case depth that promotes longer bearing life.”

Casillo also indicated that Isotech slide shafts are manufactured to the highest tolerances in straightness, roundness and cylindricity, allowing the shafts to increase bearing life while promoting accuracy. In addition, the exact diameter and smooth surface finish makes this product useful for linear motion applications requiring low noise.

Isotech slide shafts are used in a variety of applications, where ever linear motion bearings are needed. Applications include numerous pick and place uses found in major biotech, medical and medical instrument OEM’s. More specific applications include tool changers, milling machines, and varieties of processing equipment from stamping and machining, to dispensing equipment and conveyor systems.

Annealed, quenched, and tempered, a heat treatment process assures that each Isotech slide shaft is uniform in hardness in both axial and radial directions.

Isotech slide shafts are available in three material types. Carbon steel (AISI 1060), which is the standard linear shafting designed for use with most bearing manufacturer’s products. An optional carbon steel chrome plated (AISI 1060) material offers the added corrosion protection from a thin chrome plating coating. Finally, a stainless steel
(AISI 440C) material option offers corrosion protection and is an ideal material for equipment in the food processing industry where FDA-USDA approval is required.

Precision engineered custom slide shafts, such as spindle and roll shafts, are available to meet your special requirements. Slide shafts with diameters ranging from 1/4 inch to 2 inches are in stock and ready for quick delivery. Custom configurations are usually available to ship within three weeks. Call Isotech at 800-314-3332 or contact Isotech for more information or application assistance.

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