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Custom Metal Stamping & Deep Drawn Eyelet Stamping

February 9th, 2021 by David Casillo.

Proud to serve a variety of industries, from automotive and medical sectors to military applications, Isotech, Inc. features an array of metal stamping and deep drawn eyelet stamping services. Beginning with material procurement and ending with heat treatment, we’ll take care of every step of your stamping project.

Not sure where to get started or what material is right for you? We’re happy to make material suggestions to best suit your particular stamping application. With our presses ranging from 22 tons to 150 tons, we’re equipped to handle short run and prototype work as well as high-volume long run projects, and we can meet tight tolerances up to +/- .0003″.

Whether you’re looking for custom work or contract manufacturing metal stamping, we’ll work with you to develop a unique solution. To learn more about our materials and additional stamping features, please contact Isotech, Inc. today.

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