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Isotech Motorized Positioning Tables Offer Solutions for Both High Accuracy and Heavy Duty Linear Motion Applications

November 3rd, 2006 by isotechinc.

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today, announced the offering of a complete line of motorized positioning tables that produce zero backlash and are designed for custom applications ranging from high accuracy positioning to heavy duty industrial automation uses.

Motorized Positioning Table“All of our motorized tables are designed with friction-free linear ball or cross roller bearings,” said Joe Casillo, president of Isotech, Inc. “This allows for zero backlash and accurate, repeatable linear travel.”Motorized tables, sometimes called positioning stages , are flexible positioning systems consisting of highly accurate ball screw drives that can provide both horizontal and vertical operation. Applications range from pick and place, video production, automation, sorting and inspection, robotics, packaging, dispensing, and product lift systems.

Built in a compact, adaptable configuration, each Isotech motorized table is customizable to suit unique applications and are adaptable to NEMA standards. Each motorized table can be designed as a complete system that includes application specific motors and controls.

High precision motorized positioning tables use posi-drive designs. These models offer straight line accuracy up to .0001 inch per one inch of travel. These units can be used for one, two or three-axis configurations, offer travel up to 12 inches, and are capable of handling load capacities from 30 to 180 lbs. Special configurations including motor mounts, hand crank actuation, and custom leads and pitches are available.

In addition, Isotech offers heavy duty motorized tables that are suited for applications where durability and longevity are of greater concern than high accuracy. These units offer a U-shaped guide rail and slide block which promotes a highly rigid structure. These units can be easily integrated into the frameworks of machinery or equipment. Isotech heavy duty motorized tables provide up to 48 inches of travel, up to one ton of load capacity, straight line accuracy of .005 inches per one inch of travel, and a maximum speed of 18 inches per second.

Isotech motorized tables are in stock and available for quick delivery. Isotech personnel are available to assist with building a customized system for any application. Custom configurations are usually available to ship within three weeks. Call Isotech at 267-663-5555 or visit for more information.

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