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David Casillo

Laser Systems for Industrial Use

July 27th, 2020 |

Isotech, Inc. offers a full range of Fiber, C02, UV, Green, MOPA, Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond laser systems for marking, cutting and welding of many substrates.

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The Importance of Precision Shafting in Improving Linear Motion System Performance

November 22nd, 2019 |

When designing a linear motion system much of the focus is on the selection of the proper linear ball bearing, however, it is not the only element you must consider. In linear motion system engineering it is often said that "better shafts mean better linear motion performance."

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Belt-Driven Versus Ball Screw Actuator: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Application?

November 21st, 2019 |

Today, linear actuators play a significant role in a broad range of advanced automation applications. From the simple movement of raw material in a manufacturing environment to advanced robotic systems for the precise positioning of a machine tool, linear actuators provide fast, efficient and repeatable motion for a variety of tasks. Two of the most widely used types of linear actuators are belt-driven and ball screw driven actuators.

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RF and EMI/EMC Anechoic Testing Chambers – What Are They and How Do They Work?

November 20th, 2019 |

The word ‘anechoic’ means simply ‘without echo’. An anechoic chamber is a box, chamber or room that is devoid of reflections from the walls, ceiling, or floor. If you’ve ever been in a large room and shouted ‘echo!’, you’ll know that you usually get some kind of reverberation where you hear your voice repeat a few times. To avoid this phenomena, anechoic chambers are lined on the inside with materials that are designed to completely absorb all sound waves thus eliminating any and all reflections.

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Finding the Right Solution for Shock and Vibration Isolation

November 20th, 2019 |

Vibration isolation mounts protect machinery by reducing the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves. Applications such as large motors and industrial machines generate powerful vibrations and excessive noise when active. Those vibrations cause damage to the equipment and create unsafe working conditions.

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crossed Roller Slide or Table Assembly

November 19th, 2019 |

When referring to linear bearings, we generally think of devices that incorporate ball bearings – meaning friction is reduced between moving parts by recirculating balls. Bushings, ball splines, linear guides, and slides typically incorporate recirculating ball bearings. As technology has become more demanding and requiring greater precision, however, reliance another type of linear bearing, the crossed roller, has dramatically increased.

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Why Telescopic Lifting Columns Are the Perfect Choice for Your Linear Motion Application

November 14th, 2019 |

Telescopic lifting columns are finding unique and demanding applications in office environments, across the medical field and even in industrial and manufacturing settings. Lifting columns are the ideal choice for a drive element when linear motion is required in addition to stable guidance.

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Electrically Heated Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

November 13th, 2019 |

The Electra Series H&D furnace lines is a unique “piggy back” design that provides a complete heat capability occupying minimal floor space. Two independent furnace chambers are provided. The top chamber is optimized for hardening operations while the lower chamber is optimized for tempering or drawing operations.

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Noise & Vibration Solutions

July 18th, 2018 |

Isotech, Inc. offers a wide range of Noise Barrier products to contain/reduce/block the noise path. These include flexible portable or permanent enclosures or sheets and rolls of mass loaded vinyls, quilted barrier composites and absorber barrier composites.

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Five Reasons for Using a Slide Bushing in Linear Motion Applications

February 14th, 2018 |

Slide bushings are linear bushings with mechanism that utilizes the rolling motion of ball elements. Since linear motion is obtained with simple mechanism, the linear bushing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation, food processing and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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