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Stroke Bushings

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The Isotech Stroke Bushing is a linear and rotational motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements between an outer cylinder and a shaft. It is compact and can with stand high loading. The retainer is made of a light metal alloy with high wear resistance. Smooth motion is achieved under high-speed and high-acceleration conditions. Although the linear motion is limited to a predetermined stroke distance, the smooth combination of linear and rotational motions is achieved with very little frictional resistance. The stroke bushing may be conveniently used in a variety of applications.

The retainer in the Isotech Linear Stroke Bushing positions the ball elements in a zigzag arrangement. The inner surface of the outer cylinder is finished by grinding, resulting in the smooth motion of the ball elements. Each of the ball elements is held in a separate hole and smooth motion is achieved for both rotational motion and linear motion. The retainer moves half the distance of the linear motion, therefore, the stroke distance is limited to approximately twice the distance the retainer can travel within the outer cylinder.

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