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Slide Rotary Bushings

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Isotech’s RK type slide rotary bushing is a highly accurate rigid component providing smooth continuous linear and rotational motion. Its structure imposes no constraints on either motion. It is much more compact than a standard slide bush with separate rotational bearing.

Isotech’s Linear Slide Rotary Series consists of three different types. The Slide Rotary Bushing, which provides both endless rotary and linear motion functions, the Flanged Slide Rotary Bushing, and the Slide Rotary Unit which is assembled using various Isotech standard housings.

The Isotech Slide Rotary Series has an idealistic structure, incorporating a combination of linear and rotary motion. Linear and rotary motion are merged into a single unit resulting in great space savings compared to the conventional style of Slide Bushings. All three types of the Slide Rotary Series are available in sizes ranging from 6mm to 30mm. All components in the Slide Rotary Series are standardized for versatile installation requirements.

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