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The Isotech Slide Bushing is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements. Since linear motion is obtained using a simple mechanism, the slide bushing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation equipment, food processing equipment, and semiconductor equipment.

This linear slide bushing consists of the outer cylinder and a ball retainer that guide the circulation of the ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion.

Compact Mechanism
The Isotech Slide Bushing uses a round shaft for the guide, resulting in effective space utilization, which allows for compact designs.

A Wide Variety of Shapes and Installation Methods
The slide bushing is available in various shapes, which make it suitable for various types of
installations: lightweight, standard, clearance adjustable, open, flange, and double-wide types.

The bushing is fully compatible with a variety of shaft types.

Low Friction
The raceway surface is precision ground. Since the contact surface between the ball elements and the
raceway surface is minimized, the Isotech slide bushing provides low friction when compared to other linear
motion mechanisms.

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