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Model LPRSH Low Profile Rubber and Spring Hangers, Architectural Non-Seismic

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LPRSH Series are low profile spring and neoprene hangers designed for low and high frequency applications where a disturbance is occurring from within or outside of an area that is to be protected from low and high frequency vibrations.

The LPRSH Series isolators contain a standard coil spring with up to 2″ of static deflection and a neoprene element of up to .30″ of deflection. The spring isolator is seated in a neoprene cup with an integral bushing to prevent the upper support attachment from coming in contact with the isolator housing. The springs are color-coded to indicate load capacity and for ease of installation and inspection in the field.

Like the LPRH Series, the LPRSH Series hangers are designed for the additional capability of supporting secondary ceilings and/or mechanical services from the same housing. This design only requires about 4″ above the cold rolled channels for installation. The unique housing construction of the LPSH hangers allow for two standard 1 1/2″ cold rolled channels at each isolator location. Pencil rods, clips, straps, nuts and bolts are not required for fastening the channels to the isolator.

The LPRSH Series is provided with a 1/2″ diameter eyelet at the top for use in the event that threaded inserts for attachment are not used for installation. Additional bolts and eyelets at the bottom are factory supplied if additional services need to be supported.

Features & Benefits
Structural housing permits support of additional ceilings and/or mechanical services directly from the housing
Low profile design uses no additional space above or below standard drywall — occupying only 3 ½” of total space for the entire system
Unique housing construction allows for standard 1 ½” cold rolled channel suspension members to be installed tight to the overhead deck
Installation without the use of clips, eyelets and pencil rods
Eyelet is provided as an option to threaded inserts for simplified attachment and installation
Color stripe for easy identification during installation and inspection
Integral bushing molded to the isolation element prevents upper support attachment contact with the isolator housing

Commercial utility and HVAC space
Performing arts centers
Computer operation rooms
Entertainment, social event spaces and health clubs
Transportation depots
Hospitals and research facilities
Office and residential complexes

Model LPRSH 1C 15-370 lbs. Low profile spring and elastomeric isolator 1 inch deflection

Model LPRSH -2Q 90-450 lbs. Low profile spring and elastomeric isolator 2 inch deflection

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