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Model CM Encapsulated Elastomeric Cup Isolator, Wall Mounted Seismic

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CM Encapsulated Elastomeric Cup Isolators are elastomeric cup isolators that provide superior shock and vibration isolation for a variety of applications, environments and mounting configurations. These isolators are ideal for use in very low load applications where portability and accessibility are required such as with panel boards, wall mounted computers and accessories, medical equipment, closed-circuit television and other wall mounted equipment where seismic activity is a concern.

The CM Series Cup Isolators offer a low profile, light weight, all-attitude design for flexible installation in numerous locations. The series are available in cold-rolled, zinc-plated steel or aluminum housings to meet virtually any weight requirement. All metal surfaces have a corrosion-resistant coating for extra protection and durability. Two different elastomeric element types are also available in the CM Series. The standard elastomeric element offers operating temperatures of -20⁰F to +180⁰F.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers several solutions for low load applications
  • Lightweight cup housing design permits installation in smaller equipment where space is at a premium
  • All-attitude mounting allows mounting placement in any orientation
  • Zinc-plated steel or aluminum housing options meet virtually any weight requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant coating on all metal surfaces provides extra durability
  • Nominal frequency of 30 Hz provides structure-borne noise attenuation in even the most challenging installations


  • Wall mounted HVAC and electrical equipment including closed circuit television and cameras
  • Computers
  • Medical equipment
  • Control panels

Model CM1 5-60 lbs. Encapsolated elastomeric cupmount

Model CM2 30-110 lbs. Encapsolated elastomeric cupmount

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