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Model RP Single Deflection Isolators w/ Positioning Pin, Neoprene/Elastomeric Floor Mounted Non-Seismic

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The RP Series are the same as The R Series. The RP Series has a positioning pin incorporated with the isolator. RP Elastomeric Flush-type Isolators provide effective vibration control for use directly under HVAC, power generation and electrical equipment in conjunction with the equipment’s mounting holes.

The RP Series have ribbed, non-skid bases and may be installed with or without bolting the isolators to the equipment. No bolting is required under equipment that has no lateral or severe vertical motion. The RP comes with a pin for inaccessible bolt holes.

The RP Series Isolators are embedded in colored elastomer. This color-coding system permits instant identification of loading capacities, and prevents installation errors. The RP Series offer deflections to .25″. Four different sizes offer a load capacity range of 10 to 4,000 lbs. per mounting – offering mounts that may be accurately selected for the equipment weight.

Features & Benefits

  • Static load range of 35 – 4,000 lbs. offers solutions for a wide range of equipment weights
  • 0.25” Load deflection provides accurate selection of isolators based on equipment requirements
  • Tapped bolt holes permit more secure installation if required
  • Ribbed isolator base provides a non-skid surface-eliminating the need to bolt machinery to the isolators
  • Elastomer-coated isolators are color-coded for easy identification
  • Contact The VMC Group for other engineered elastomeric compounds
  • The RP has a positioning pin for inaccessible bolt holes
  • Comes with integral positioning pin
  • Weather-resistant Durulene™ elastomer


  • Air handling units
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Air compressors
  • HVAC equipment
  • Power generation
  • Electrical transformers

Model RP1 35-250 lbs. Durulene elastomeric isolator with positioning pin 0.20 inch deflection

Model RP2 135-790 lbs. Durulene elastomeric isolator with positioning pin 0.25 inch deflection

Model RDP1 35-250 lbs. Durulene elastomeric isolator with positioning pin 0.20-0.40 inch deflection

Model RP4 1500-4000 lbs. Durulene elastomeric isolator with positioning pin 0.25 inch deflection

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