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Model ASCM-LP Isolators, Spring Floor Mounted Seismic

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Designed for seismic and restrained applications, these isolators, when properly installed and adjusted, will restrain mechanical equipment during a seismic event. For equipment that requires restrained isolators due to change in load, The ASCM Series incorporates a vertical limit stop to reduce motion.

The ASCM Series Spring-Flex seismic isolators are designed for use in both seismic applications and where vertical restraint is required. The ASCM Series are ideal for use under fans, air handling units, pumps, chillers, or any type of equipment requiring vertical and horizontal restraint.

The design of the ASCM Isolators incorporate a laterally stable steel spring within a steel housing. The low frequency steel spring is seated in an elastomeric acoustical cup that provides high frequency attenuation and eliminates metal-to-metal contact. All springs are color coded for ease of identification in the field.

The adjusting bolt of the isolator provides equipment-leveling capability and passes through the steel housing which is protected by an elastomeric grommet that eliminates metal-to-metal contact while providing a cushion during a seismic event. The leveling bolt also incorporates an adjustable upward rebound nut that limits vertical motion to 1/4″.

The steel housing of the ASCM isolator provides vertical and horizontal restraint capability and keeps the equipment captive to the building structure during a seismic event. The bolt holes in the base plate of the isolator are properly sized and spaced to provide the maximum amount of restraint capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide choice of load ranges
  • All hardware is zinc-plated and housings can be hot dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Color-coded springs permit proper identification of load capacity and simple isolator inspection
  • Vertically adjustable snubber provides ¼” operating clearance


  • Fans
  • Air handling units
  • Compressors
  • HVAC and electrical equipment
  • Pumps (intertia bases)

Model ASCM-LP 75-1320n lbs. Seismic isolators 2 inch deflection

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