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Model AEQM (R) Isolators, Spring Floor Mounted Seismic

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AEQM Series Spring-Flex seismic isolators are capable of withstanding a minimum of 1.0g of accelerated force in all directions – providing static deflections up to 2″ with loads up to 2,500 lbs.

The AEQM Series Isolators consist of a steel spring isolator with elastomeric snubbing in all directions. An adjustable upward rebound plate limits motion to 1/4″ in all directions.

The AEQM Series housing is made of cast ductile iron for superior strength and durability. The housing offers a port for adjusting the rebound plate and to inspect the spring. The springs are color-coded for proper identification of rated load capacity and have a powder coating for corrosion resistance.

Isotech offers two different AEQM designs. The standard AEQM version is designed to provide sufficient restraint capacity when attaching the base plate to structural steel. However, when attaching to concrete or when increased strength in steel attachments is required, the AEQM (R) version provides a larger base plate to permit proper anchor bolt spacing.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide choice of load ranges provides deflections up to 2” with loads to 3,250 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty design withstands a minimum of 1.0g of accelerated force in all directions
  • High quality elastomeric cushions within a sturdy, ductile iron housing ensures long life and durability
  • Elastomeric element to isolate high frequency vibrations
  • Color-coded springs permit proper identification of load capacity and simple isolator inspection


  • Air handling units
  • Fans
  • Pumps (intertia bases)
  • HVAC and electrical equipment
  • Bases

Model AEQMR-1E 195-3250 lbs. Seismic isolators 1 inch deflection

Model AEQMR-1C 50-520 lbs. Seismic isolators 1 inch deflection

Model AEQMR-2D 75-1320 lbs. Seismic Isolators 2 inch deflection

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