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Laser Cutting Systems

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The ultimate solution for precision marking and micro-processing of all types of metals and plastics. Extremely compact, modular and perfectly sealed, it is configured for easy integration into any industrial production line. Isotech’s laser cutting systems offer the perfect combination of reduced operating costs and high throughput.

MAINTENANCE FREE – The expected diode life of a fiber laser is in excess of 100.000 hours. A 2 year warranty is standard due to its extended reliability. 5 year warranties can be purchased as well.

LASER MODULE – Compact, 90° adjustable, with an ultra-fast scanning unit. Several laser controls (i.e. laser OK, oscillator failure, alarm reflected radiation, etc.) including real time measurement of the emitted power.

CONTROL MODULE – It contains the Laser Generator, the Power Supply and the Server in a stainless steel 3U 19″ rack. The POWER SUPPLY is protected against interferences and impulsive signals. The SERVER unit, for the control of the laser marking system is connected to the company network or to the client PC through a 100Mbit/s TPC/IP communication. There is an industrial 26pin round connector available to directly connect the start/stop signals, the marking light and the encoder signals if marking on fly is required. The server unit which controls the laser marking system is connected to the company network.

DUST PROTECTION FAN FILTER – is provided on the front panel of the Control Module so that the laser can easily be used in harsh industrial environments with oil and dust contaminants.

FLY CONNECTOR – A 25 mm diameter stainless steel connection between the laser and the diode module provides increased protection of the fiber and the cables. This design eliminates the risk of accidental breakage of the fiber. It also provides extra protection against electromagnetic interferences and electrostatic discharges

ABILITY TO INTEGRATE UP TO 8 MOTORS – The motor system is based on servo/stepper motors with encoder feedback and supports the use of a JOYSTICK for easy and very quick positioning of the parts to be marked. The interface is a RS485 Bus.

LASER OPERATIVE SOFTWARE – FlyX (ActiveX) and MotorX (ActiveX) provided for users that prefer to build their own application. FlyCAD for a system with complete software, for immediate use where all the more advanced functions have already been implemented.

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