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Flex Laser III

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Based on the proven FlexLaser II platform, FlexLaser III was developed to fill a need for extreme precision in the market. The new linear motion system Transmits power to the motion directly, there are no belts, lead screws, ball screws or gearboxes that open the door to tolerance accumulation. This revolutionary motion system rides on an electromagnetic cushion only 1 in micron gap, the result is a frictionless, extremely fast and accurate positioning system. We were the first to use this type of drive for Gantry lasers. FlexLaser III is the fastest and most accurate laser available of its kind, and can make use of any laser wavelength available to suit your application. A newly developed control and software system allows the user to tailor power, speed and frequency any vary them according a user specified acceleration/deceleration curve to filly optimize the parameters of the machine. This results in processing qualities never before available with lasers before. If your need for speed, accuracy and finished quality are extreme, FlexLaser III is the machine for your needs.

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