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What started out as an ablation process for thin film conductive (ITO, Silver, and Carbon) has turned into an Ablation, Marking and engraving work-horse. Configured with a short focal length beam directed Galvanometer (Galvo) and coupled with the mass movement of a large gantry allows for a whole new world in Laser processing. Imagine marking/engraving several 10’s or 100’s of a product in one cycle with exact precision due to vision registration instead of one at a time. The large format Gantry permits a tiled movement that then directs the Galvanometer to process the image. This enables FlexAblaser to take full advantage of a Galvo system while ensuring the accuracy of the finished part. When a large area and moderate precision processing with high speed is required a long focal length Galvo is used without the Gantry for tiling, this version is the FlexAblaser is extremely fast and is very cost effective when tolerances are more relaxed. FlexAblaser is available with CO2 or Fiber laser wavelengths.

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