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Model TMRB Neoprene Isolation Isolator, Architectural Non-Seismic

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The TMRB Series are track-mounted ring and bushing type isolators for use in architectural applications. The TMRB Series are designed to isolate only the floating (inside) walls used in two-wall isolation systems. These neoprene mounts are best used in applications where simple, cost-effective installations are necessary.

Separating one wall from another via wall isolation systems significantly increases sound transmission losses. When noises entering through a wall disturb an adjacent space, the TMRB mounts are used to isolate the inner wall within a two-wall system. The walls can be made of concrete, block or drywall.

The TMRB Series mounts support the inner, or floating, wall from the floor – providing isolation from vertical wall movements. The mountings are installed at the base of the floating wall studs and serve as permanent supports for the studs. The TMRB Series combine a steel bushing between two resilient, neoprene elements.

Features & Benefits
Steel and neoprene element mountings provide superior isolation for floating walls
Sturdy construction provides years of trouble-free isolation and support
Braces accommodate concrete, block or drywall construction
Neoprene element provides excellent resilience and noise attenuation
May be installed at the top, bottom or sides of a floating wall

Commercial utility and HVAC space
Performing arts centers
Computer operation rooms
Entertainment, social event spaces and health clubs
Transportation depots
Hospitals and research facilities
Office and residential complexes

Model TMRB2 150-500 lbs. Elastomeric wall isolator track mounted ring and bushing

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