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Model SCR Seismic Cable Restraint Kit, Ceiling Suspended Mounted Seismic

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The VMC Group SCR Seismic Cable Restraint Kit is a seismic cable kit used to seismically restrain isolated, suspended piping, ductwork, electrical services and various suspended equipment.

The SCR Seismic cable kit comes in two alternative configurations. The SB-125 Kit for 1/8″ seismic cable, the SB-250 Kit for 1/4″ seismic cable, and the SCR cable kit for 3/8″ cable. The SCR Kits come with two single hole brackets for attachment to structure and two slotted brackets for attaching to piping/equipment supports. All SB brackets come with nuts and bolts pre-attached to the bracket for attachment of cable to the bracket. Each kit comes with 11′ or 20′ of pre-cut cable lengths or various length rolls of cable. The SCR Seismic Cable Kit for 3/8″ seismic cable come with two heavy-duty seismic brackets for attachment to the structure, two seismic brackets for attachment to the piping supports, swaged cable with one end terminated with thimble and crimp, U-bolts, thimbles and shackles. Each kit comes with either 11′ or 20′ of pre-cut cable lengths or various length rolls of cable. VMC seismic cable restraints are positioned at a 45° angle from the point of support. The diameter of the cable is based on the weight of the equipment and specified seismic force.

VMC seismic cable restraints ensure positive attachment to the structure and distribution systems. When installed slightly slack, they do not compromise the vibration isolation by short-circuiting the isolation hanger.

Features & Benefits
Aircraft grade 7 x 19 cable is available in three different diameters – offering design flexibility, durability and reliability
Pre-packaged kits contain all the necessary hardware for proper installation and to minimize labor costs
International Building Code® compliant

Suspended piping
Suspended electrical services
Suspended equipment
Suspended ductwork

Model SB-125 1100-2667 lbs. Seismic cable restraint kit

Model SB-250 4020-4400 lbs. Seismic cable restraint kit

Model SRB seismic anchor bracket

Seismic restraint retrofit clevis bracket assembly

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