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Model RTIR Rooftop Isolation Rails, Roof Mounted Isolated Non-Seismic

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The RTIR Series is an extruded aluminum rail base for rooftop air conditioning units. The RTIR Series consists of top and bottom weatherproofed aluminum rails for mounting between equipment and the roof curb, incorporating wind and a continuous air and water seal which is protected from accidental puncture and direct sunlight by an aluminum weather shield. Rails incorporate free standing, open spring isolators.

Features & Benefits
Bases mount between the rooftop equipment and the existing roof curb – providing excellent vibration isolation with uniform spring deflection along the entire perimeter
One-piece unitized construction is custom-sized to fit the exact dimensions of rooftop equipment
Mechanically fastened springs are sized and positioned within the frames to provide uniform 1” deflection for the entire system
Hydro-Guard seal attached between the upper and lower members, and a continuous closed cell neoprene gasket bonded to the top and bottom surfaces provide an airtight and watertight seal

HVAC rooftop equipment such as RTU’s, Fans and air-cooled condensers

Model RTIR alum. rooftop isolation rail 1 inch deflection with height adapter

Model RTIR alum. rooftop isolation rail 1 inch deflection

Model Telecurb Isolated seismic wind restraint metal details and sections

Model RTIR Alum. rooftop isolation rail 3 inch deflection

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