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Model QFFN Neoprene Isolator, Architectural Non-Seismic

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The QFFN Series are neoprene isolators used in floating isolated floor systems. These mounts offer low natural frequencies and are designed for air spaces from 1″ to 4″. The QFFN isolators are ideal for applications where improved isolation performance is required at a low cost.

The design consists of two floor slabs – the floating or isolated wearing slab and the structural floor slab. The QFFN Series serve as a permanent load bearing resilient material that connects the two slabs and provides positive air gaps between the two floors.

The QFFN Series combine simplicity with the long lasting performance of neoprene and very simple, low cost installation.

Features & Benefits
Low natural frequencies from 5.7 Hz provide superior isolation in small air spaces
Unit accommodates air spaces from 1” to 4” – providing excellent flexibility in a range of building applications
Sturdy, long-life neoprene elements offer simple, low cost installation

Commercial utility and HVAC space
Performing arts centers
Computer operation rooms
Entertainment, social event spaces and health clubs
Transportation depots
Hospitals and research facilities
Office and residential complexes

Model QFFN 125-500 lbs. Isolated floating floor with elastometric isolator

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