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Model Fan-Spring Flex and Motor Bases, Supplemental Base Mounted Isolated Non-Seismic

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The VMC Group Fan-Spring Flex & Motor Bases are structural steel angle iron or channel rectangular bases with motorslide rails and open spring isolators with 1″ or 2″ deflection. Custom deflections are also available upon request.

VMC Fan-Spring Flex & Motor Bases are designed for use with arrangement 1, 2 & 3 single width or double width fans with belt-driven motors. Bases can be fabricated without motor sliderails for use in other fan arrangements that do not have an integral base. VMC Group Fan Spring-Flex & Motor Bases help maintain proper drive alignment and resist starting torque without the use of restraining snubbers.

When an equipment submittal drawing is provided to the VMC Engineering Services division, a properly designed base or rail drawing, indicating isolator model numbers is produced for customer approval. Once approved, drawings are provided to our manufacturing department for fabrication and shipment.

Features & Benefits
Multiple and custom deflections available
Unitized base with integral motorslide rails
For use with multiple single or double width fans


Model Fan spring flex and motor bases 1 inch deflection with non-seismic isolator

Model Fan spring flex and motor bases 2 inch deflection with non-seismic isolator

Model WFB non-seismic wide flange structural base 2 inch deflection

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