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Deep Drawing & Hydroforming

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  • Deep Drawn Cans
  • Containers
  • Aluminum Transit Cases


  • Deep Drawing
  • Hydroforming
  • Dip Brazing
  • Painting
  • Anodizing

Isotech offers you contract metal fabricating expertise designed to minimize lead time and cut your costs. We work with all metals; i.e., aluminum, stainless steel, hastelloy, brass, copper and steel. Isotech offers sizes up to 24″ diameter draw with a press capacity of 150 tons. Our quality system conforms to Mil-I-45208.

Hydroforming / Hydroform is a manufacturing process where fluid pressure is applied to a ductile metallic blank to form a desired component shape. This process requires hydroforming tools consisting of a punch made in the shape of the desired part, a ring contoured to fit around the punch, and a pressurized forming chamber sealed by a flexible rubber diaphragm.

Deep Drawing / Deep Draw is the process of forming a part from metal sheet stock, commonly referred to as a blank, around a punch as it is drawn through a die. The edges of the metal blank are restrained by a “blank holder” or a sleeve in the case of a redraw.

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