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Side Drive Crossed Roller Positioning Stages

Side Drive Crossed Roller Positioning Stages

Series: R99SD, R100SD, R200SD, R400SD, R450SD, R500SD, R700SD, R750SD, R1200SD, R2200SD, R3200SD

  • Load Capacity (X, XY, Z): Up to 160, 160, 80 lbs.
  • Travel: .25 – 2.00″
  • Straight Line Accuracy: .0001″ / inch of travel – .003mm / 25mm of travel
  • Positional Repeatability: .0001″
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.003 typical
  • Drive – Micrometer, .001″ graduations standard, .01 mm graduations optional.
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage and base, hardened steel shafts and balls, mild steel end caps.
  • Finish: Black anodize. Other finishes on request.

For applications requiring the smallest footprint possible, Isotech offers the SD Series Side Drive Crossed Roller Positioning Stages with side mounted micrometers. A wide range of sizes are available with travels ranging from .25″ to 2.0″. All units are available in X, XY and XYZ configurations and can carry load ranging from 4 lbs on our miniature ball slide series all the way up to 60 lbs on our larger sizes. Straight line positioning accuracy is 0.0001″ per inch of travel.

All positioning stage model numbers are available with inch or metric micrometers and mounting holes. Most models are available with locking micrometers and all models can be supplied with our Posi-Lock friction locking mechanism to secure the table.

  • Versatile – Reduced overall length makes Isotech Side drive stages ideal for restricted space applications.
  • Posi-Lock™ – Optional positive locking feature prevents movement of carriage.
  • Accurate Measurements – Carriages are spring loaded against micrometer heads with 0.001″ (0.01mm) graduations.
  • Adaptable – One, two or three axis models can be used in any orientation.
  • Easy To Use – Standard counterbored holes in base and threaded holes in carriage.
  • Wide Selection – Subminiature and low profile models.

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