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High Precision Positioning Stages

High Precision Positioning Stages

Series: VB, VR, VS

Isotech’s VB, VR and VS High Precision Positioning Stages take positional accuracy, performance and actuator flexibility to a new level. Utilizing Isotech’s proven ball and crossed roller technology and more than three decades of experience manufacturing linear slides and stages we offer three new model numbers and you can choose the method of actuation best suited for your application. Build your own High Precision Stage by simply picking out the ball or crossed roller stage that meets your application’s needs, choosing one of the 4 methods of actuation: Micrometer head, Fine thread adjustment, Lead screw or Motorized actuator. Positioning accuracies range from 0.0001” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VS series to 0.00004” per inch of travel straight line accuracy on our VB and VR series ball and crossed roller stages.

  • Available in travels ranging from .5” (12.5 mm) to 2” (50 mm)
  • Actuator mounting brackets are available in both a center line or side drive configurations
  • Actuation options include: Micrometer heads, Fine adjustment screws, Lead screws, and Motorized actuators
  • Stages can be easily customized to better suit your application

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