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Isotech’s “Stiction-free” Air Cylinders Provide Smooth Precise Motion Control at Ultra-low Pressures

January 15th, 2007 by isotechinc.

Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, today, announced the offering of a line of air cylinders that are specifically designed for precision applications and all but eliminate “stiction.”Stiction, which is a notorious affliction with typical air cylinders, causes the piston to stick at the beginning of a stroke, resulting in an erratic breakaway motion.

Air Cylinder“Stiction-free” air cylinders from Isotech are manufactured with a self-aligning graphite piston that is fitted to a Pyrex® lined stainless steel cylinder. The unit also contains no oil or seals, eliminating the need for lubrication or replacement of worn seals. The result is greatly reduced running friction and an air cylinder that operates under a mere 0.2 psi of pneumatic pressure.

“These air cylinders are designed for applications that call for a smooth range of motion at ultra-low pressures,” said Joe Casillo, president of Isotech, Inc. “They offer the best of both worlds, combining delicate precision with heavy duty durability.”

Typical applications are found in numerous motion control systems, precise force control, and counterbalancing that require air cylinders to handle forces from a few grams to 70 lbs. or more. Isotech’s air cylinders are suitable for applications with either low or high speed cycle rates.

In addition, Isotech’s air cylinders are unaffected when used in temperatures ranging from -85°F to 302°F. Further durability is provided as the Pyrex® glass liner is encased in a stainless steel sleeve to providing impact protection. And, all exposed surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel or nickel and are extremely clean and corrosion resistant to ensure long life. Isotech air cylinders are in stock and available for quick delivery.

Isotech personnel are available to assist in choosing the proper air cylinder for any application. Custom configurations may be available. For more information view air cylinders at or call Isotech at 800-314-3332.

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