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Working Position

Stand up

Working Plane Dimensions

620 x 450

Max Weight on the Plane


Markable Max Height (ø 140mm)


Available Marking Areas

ø100, ø140, ø220, ø310

Options Which Can Be Installed

Rotaing axis, direct rotating axis, tilting rotating axis, rotating head, metal sheet tightener, X table

Type of Laser

FiberFly, FlyAIR, FlyAir Green, FiberFly Green, FlyCO2

Vision System

Optional – both TTL and Reflex

Type of Engine

Up to 4 motors with encoder



Type of Door

Manual or pneumatic

Exhaust Fan and Filter

Integrated into the base – optional

Pc and Monitor

Integrated into the base and monitor holder

DMX Player




Power Supply

110 – 230 Vac – 50Hz

The TowerMark is an extremely versatile laser engraving machine and can be used both manually and in combination with a robot for loading/unloading. All components are housed inside the cabinet below which is part of the main structure. The laser system can be moved easily with a pallet jack or is also available with wheels.

The door can be both manual and pneumatic. The large viewing glass and interior lighting system provide a clear view of the objects to be engraved and simplify their positioning. The working area is 620x450mm and the marking area ranges from 100mm up to ø310mm depending on the choice of lens (100mm, 160mm, 254mm, 320mm, 420mm).

The Z axis, operated by the FlyCAD marking software provides for marking of various thicknesses from 0 to 450 mm. The motors with encoder feedback can also be controlled via the Joystick and the SmartFocusproviding instantaneous focus. With these features the operator can easily find the correct position and focus on all flat, cylindrical and complex geometries with curves and special angles. Another optional feature is a special pull out drawer to speed up the loading and the unloading of the pieces to be engraved.

Other special options include a rotary axis (rotary indexer, 5 collet, through hole rotary) providing another axis for the continuous marking of cylindrical parts, a rotating scan head for laser marking of cylindrical and angled parts up to 90 degrees, and a table with a 300mm stroke to increase the working area.


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