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Working Position

Stand up

Working Plane Dimensions

950 x 530

Max Weight on the Plane


Markable Max Height (ø 140mm)


Available Marking Areas

ø100, ø140, ø220

Options Which Can Be Installed

Rotaing axis, direct rotating axis, tilting rotating axis, rotating head, drawer, side door

Type of Laser

FiberFly, FlyAIR, FlyAir Green, FiberFly Green, FlyCO2

Vision System

Optional but not recommended

Type of Engine

Up to 2 motors with encoder


A handle for control Z axis

Type of Door

Manual folding door

Exhaust Fan and Filter

Supplied by Lasit which can be integrated

Pc and Monitor

Provided by Lasit but separated

DMX Player




Power Supply

110 – 230 Vac – 50Hz

RotoMark is a laser engraving machine equipped with a rotating table with a mechanical cam which has from 2 to 8 workstations. It allows engraving and marking of both small and large parts by loading and marking at the same time. The ability to load and unload while marking optimizes machine reducing the time and helps to increase production. The rugged construction of the table mechanism provides faster speed, precision and repeatability for years. RotoMark offers index tables with 2 or 4 position combining the advantage of the loading and unloading at the same time.

RotoMark is designed for the highest productivity and can be optimized for individual part marking, an array of parts, or a very large part. The programmable motorized Z axis, operated by the FlyCAD marking software provides a significant range in focus to be able to mark from 0 to 200mm. The motor with encoders can also be controlled by the joystick. The exhaust fan is inside the marking system. A proprietary pneumatic device is integrated in the system to optimize the suction nozzle to increasemarking efficiency.

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