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Model URCR Retrofit Restraint Clips, Ceiling Suspended Mounted Seismic

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The VMC Group UL listed Loos Universal Retrofit Clip Restraints are slotted, combination longitudinal and transverse clips. The slotted clip can slide over the threaded rod for attachment when threaded rods and supports are already hung in place for quick and easy installation. The URCR slotted clips allow attachment to the threaded rod and two cables to be attached, one on the longitudinal axis and one on the transvers axis. URCR Clips are available in eight sizes 1/4″ – 1 1/4″ for attachment to threaded rods. The “ear” holes on the “URCR” clip can accommodate 3/32″ cable. Two stacked URCR clips can accommodate 1/8″ cable

Features & Benefits
UL listed
Combination longitudinal and transverse for attachment of two cables
Available in 8 sizes for various applications
Slotted for ease of installation

Suspended piping
Suspended electrical services
Suspended equipment
Suspended ductwork

Model URC Retrofit seismic restraint bracket

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