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Model TTB Elastomeric Isolator, Wall Mounted Seismic

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TTB Series Flush-type, Seismic Elastomeric Isolators provide effective shock and vibration control for low seismic applications. Typical uses include panel boards, wall mounted computers and accessories, medical equipment, closed-circuit television and other wall mounted equipment where seismic activity is a concern.

The TTB Series housings are low profile designs ideal for installations with space restrictions. Structural sections are made of carbon steel for optimum strength and durability. All metal surfaces have a corrosion-resistant coating that provides extra protection and long-life.

The elastomeric coatings resist oils, ozone and most solvents – providing optimum resilience in most conditions. The seismic design offers built-in snubbing that prevents the elastomeric elements from coming in contact with the housing. The operating temperature range of -20°F to 180°F offers continuous operation in all ambient conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers several solutions for light and medium load applications
  • Low natural frequency of 9 Hz at maximum load provides structure-borne noise attenuation in even the most difficult environments
  • Low profile housing design permits vertical installation where space is restricted
  • Built-in, seismic snubbing keeps equipment secure
  • Damping ratio of 5:1 offers excellent energy dissipation


  • Wall mounted HVAC and electrical equipment including closed circuit television and cameras
  • Computers
  • Medical equipment
  • Control panels

Model TTB 500-1500 lbs. Elastomeric isolator

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