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Model HCWR Jack-up Wire Rope Floor Isolator, Architectural Non-Seismic

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The HCWR Series Jack-up Isolators are housed coil wire rope isolators. Helical wire rope isolators are made of helical standard wire rope held with rugged metal retaining bars. This design provides excellent shock and vibration isolation. The wire rope isolator traditionally has been used in military/aerospace applications. The VMC Group has combined its military/aerospace technology into the HCWR to produce a Jack-up Floor System that will attenuate shock with minimal displacement while providing inherent damping provided by the sliding friction between the strands of the wire rope. The wire rope isolator is an excellent candidate for large health clubs that have impact and shock from treadmills/exercise equipment and weight lifting activities.

The wire rope isolator is incorporated into a steel welded housing that is embedded into the concrete floor. The HCWR has an access port that can interchange the isolator and features the Jack-up type adjustment system similar to the ANFF and ASFF isolators. The HCWR can be manufactured for various floor thicknesses.

Features & Benefits

  • Combined isolation system for shock and vibration
  • Minimal displacement
  • Inherent damping
  • Adjustable
  • Interchangeable wire rope isolators
  • Low profile

  • Commercial utility and HVAC space
  • Performing arts centers
  • Computer operation rooms
  • Entertainment, social event spaces and health clubs
  • Transportation depots
  • Hospitals and research facilities
  • Office and residential complexes

Model HCWR Wire rope isolator

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