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Model ASFF Jack-Up Neoprene Floating Floor Isolator, Architectural Non-Seismic

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The ASFF Series are adjustable spring floor isolators that provide a solution for low frequency vibration and impact attenuation by isolating disturbing frequencies. The ASSF Series use the spring elements within a cast housing that are positioned within the floating slab while still accessible from above for adjusting the slab to a specified height.

Spring supported concrete bases have long been used to isolate individual pieces of equipment. The ASFF adjustable spring jacks have expanded on that concept – from the support of an individual piece of equipment, to supporting an entire room. The design consists of two reinforced concrete slabs – the floating or isolated wearing slab and the structural floor slab.

The floating floor slab is designed with a minimum thickness of 4″ between the structural and the floating slabs. The ASFF Series serve as a permanent load bearing resilient material that connects the two slabs while isolating the floating floor form the base floor. ASFF mountings offer permanent, safe support for both the floating slab and the imposed live load over the life of the building.

Features & Benefits
Adjustable system and easy access after installation allows for future changes in the use of the room or space
Isolator deflections from 1”-3” over a wide range of low frequency attenuation
Large outer diameter springs deliver increased lateral stability
Interchange capability offers the versatility of spring, neoprene and seismic applications
Unit accommodates floors from 3” to 12” thick and air spaces from ¼” to 4” – providing excellent flexibility in a wide range of building applications
Precision concentric threads provide easier lifting of the floating floor

Commercial utility and HVAC space
Performing arts centers
Computer operation rooms
Entertainment, social event spaces and health clubs
Transportation depots
Hospitals and research facilities
Office and residential complexes

Model ASFF-6- 1E 195-2990 lbs. 6 Inch floating floor spring isolator 1 inch deflection

Model ASFF-4-1E 195-2990 lbs. 4 Inch floating floor spring isolator 1 inch deflection

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