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Custom Manufactured Carbon Fiber Composites

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Custom composite products for:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automation

Specialty Applications 

Isotech specializes in creating lightweight, high strength components for vehicles ranging from race motorcycles to components for rare vintage Ferrari race cars to aerospace, medical and automation applications. In addition to being light and strong, the parts we produce are of a much higher visual quality than the vast majority of composite parts; you can count on a first class finish.

At Isotech we work with a variety of materials while making products and molds such as carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, epoxy resin, polyester (for fiberglass) resin, silicon rubber, urethane rubber, rigid urethane casting materials, urethane foam, and silicon-rubber friendly modeling clay. We have also developed proprietary resins and coatings for high temperature applications such as mufflers and heat barriers.

We employ various fabrication techniques depending upon the part’s requirements. For example, we use pre-preg for most parts and wet lay-up when needed. All of these types of parts are vacuum bagged and oven cured to ensure a high quality laminate. In some instances, parts are molded with proprietary, variable high-pressure, electrically-heated molds that we design and manufacture in-house. This type of molding can generate pressures even greater than that of an autoclave along with very precise temperature control, which allows for an unmatched level of control over the cure cycle. This technique provides a very high-quality, lightweight part.

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