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Ball Splines

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Isotech Standard Ball Splines consist of a spline shaft with raceway grooves and a spline nut. The ball spline nut consists of an outer cylinder (main body), retainer, side rings, and ball elements.

Designed and manufactured to achieve a reliably smooth motion.

High Load Capacity and Long Travel Life
The raceway grooves are machined to a radius close to that of the ball elements. The large ball contact surface results in high load capacity and long travel life.

Wide Variety of Configurations
A total of 16 shafts with diameters ranging from 4mm to 100mm are available. Seven different types of nuts are available: cylindrical types (SSP/SSPM), flange types (SSPF/SSPT), and block types (SPA/SPAW/SSPB). They can be specified to suit various applications.

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