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Isotech, Inc. offers turnkey testing chamber systems for 5G Testing, mmWave Testing, EMI/EMC Testing, and RF Testing.

We provide state-of-the-art Antenna Measurement Systems with cutting edge customized and standard size Anechoic Test Chambers & Rooms for the Academic, Commercial, Automotive, Research, and Defense sectors.

Isotech, Inc. offers new generation shielding systems that are made up of robust premium grade raw material fabricated using modern technology along with high quality ventilation and heating systems for efficient shielding against electromagnetic waves and designed to ensure excellent compliance with industry standards.

Isotech, Inc. also offers Polypropylene Hybrid Absorbers, Foam Absorbers, all type of RF Shielded Doors (PAN type and Sandwich type), Honeycombs, Filters, Joint Gaskets and other Anechoic material.

We are instrumental in offering our clients with RF Shielded Test Chambers & Rooms and Anechoic Chambers. These are designed and developed as per the latest requirements of the industry. Our aim is to offer the clients with products that are specifically designed to suit their varied needs. Technical specifications of these rooms are as follows:

  • Copper Screen Enclosures of the rooms are designed specifically for removing ambient EMI/RFI inside
  • These give out RF signals, upon interfering with systems outside
  • These shielded enclosures are tested nationally and internationally
  • Our reliability, scope and quality of services have helped us in earning a well deserved reputation
  • Both USC-26 and USC-44 series panels of the enclosures are interconnected with a framing system to form the enclosure
  • These are completely erected from the interior, and thus, can easily be placed in proximity to parent room walls
  • These can also be dismantled, transported, re-erected, and still maintain their attenuation capabilities
  • Parts are all numbered to enable customers to install chamber rapidly

Electromagnetic Shielded Rooms that are protected against electromagnetic emanation for placing of servers and electronics. These rooms are made using steel panels with a thickness of 1,2-1,5 mm, which are connected against each other by contact welding and are then welded by full penetrated weld. Given below are the specifications of these rooms:

  • Panels are painted from both sides, in order to prevent these from rusting
  • Special shielding door with mechanical locking device is installed at the entrance into the shielded construction
  • The ventilation system of the shielded construction has input and output channels
  • The efficiency of the electromagnetic shielding is achieved through cellular holes (waveguide filter)
  • System of air interchange is realized by the conditioner, which has internal blocks that need to be located outdoors and air cooling is performed by means of air lines group
  • Air lines group is connected with the shield of the premise via dielectric plug and waveguide filter
  • All power supply lines, fire and security alarms are filtered, and wiring layout within the premise is performed in tubes or shielded covering.

RF Shielded Boxes that are widely demanded among our clients. These are manually operated shield boxes, which are known for their features like long life, high RF field attenuation and wide usable bandwidth. Offered with optional built-in test fixture and antenna coupler, the units of the boxes can be customized to meet the clients’ data and RF connection needs. Moreover, these shielded boxes are ideal for testing 802.11a and 802.11b cards and mobile phones along with WAN, PCMCIA, PCI and Bluetooth PCBs.

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