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Telescopic Lifting Column DX Xtreme

Telescopic Lifting Column DX Xtreme


  • Extremely stiff
  • Short retracted length
  • Safety factor >4
  • Limit switches
  • Safety nut
  • Optional encoder
  • Optional pull version
  • Custom sizes available

Features & Benefits

Lifting Column DX Xtreme is designed for medical, ergonomical and industrial application. DX Xtreme telescoping columns are constructed with extremely stiff aluminum tubes and long life pads, combined with a very tight tolerance assembly – where others squeeze – we fit. The columns perform an extremely stable, reliable and maintenance free guiding system without any play.


The DX Xtreme lifting column is available in push or pull version. As an option you can get DX Xtreme with encoder for positioning or parallel run of 2 or more columns. If you don’t find a column in our standard range we can customize one for you.

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