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Posi-Drive Motorized Tables

Posi-Drive Motorized Tables

Series: LS1, LRS1, LS2, LRS2, LS3, LRS3

  • Load Capacity: 30 – 180 lbs.
  • Travel: 1.0 – 12″
  • Length: 5.63 – 21.63″
  • Straight Line Accuracy: 0.0001″ / inch of travel
  • Positional Repeatability: 0.0001″
  • Anti-Friction Slide: Linear ball or crossed roller slide.
  • Configuration: 1, 2 or 3 axis
  • Drive: 3/8″ diameter X 0.10 lead screw with anti-backlash nut.
  • Coupling: Flexible zero backlash coupling.
  • Motor Mount: Accepts Nema 23 motor.
  • Finish: Black Anodize. Other finishes on request.

Compact, economical Posi-Drive™ motorized tables from Isotech take the work out of designing motion control systems. Available in 3 size profiles our ball and crossed roller positioning tables require no alignment of components and install with standard fasteners. They are fitted with anti-backlash lead screws and multi-beam couplings with high speed misalignment capability and standard NEMA motor mounts. Available in one, two or three axis configurations these tables travel up to 12”. The crossed roller slide option increases load capacity up to 180 lbs. and 100 million inches of travel is possible at 1/2 rated load. For your convenience solid model drawings for our entire product line are available on our website and we are always ready to discuss any special needs or modifications you may require.

  • Positive lead screw drive.
  • Zero backlash.
  • Friction-free linear ball or roller slides.
  • Accurate, repeatable linear travel.
  • Compact adaptable configuration.
  • Adaptable to standard NEMA motor mount configurations.

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