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Linear Slide Tables

Series:Linear Slide Tables ALS

Linear systems – The ideal combination of guidance and drive

Linear slide tables from Isotech combine the advantages of linear guiding systems and mechanical drive mechanisms in a compact and simple way. The ALS Series Linear Slide Tables are equipped with precision guide shafts. Self-aligning linear ball bushings as well as standard versions or full-steel linear ball bushings are available as rolling bearings. Additionally these units can be equipped with self-lubricating linear slide bushings.

Isotech Linear Slide Tables offer the user a choice between the movable (version A) or the fixable slide (version B). Both variants are available with or without bellows (option F). If extremely high loads should exert an influence on the linear slide, the use of supported precision shafts is recommended. Ball screw-driven systems (ALSK), trapezoidal screw-driven systems and belt driven units are available.

In addition to the linear slide tables, the Isotech portfolio also includes linear motion systems with linear guide ways as guides, sliding guides and roller-bearing guide ways. Connected to an aluminum profile, this is a very compact and high-performance linear system. These systems can be driven by ball screws or belts.

Also in the program: Linear guide way tables are the ideal system for linear motions with high rigidity requirements. The base plate of the rail guide tables consists of machined aluminum profiles or steel with stop angles. The ball rail guides built into the stiff axis with four long guide carriages per table part. The drive is optionally performed either with a ball screw drive (RSTK), linear motors (RSTL) or a belts (RSTZ).

Features and benefits of the linear systems

  • Various guiding and drive options
  • Great variety
  • Covering almost all industrial requirements
  • Compact design
  • Movement length of up to 12000 mm possible

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