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Ball Screw & Trapezoidal Screw Drives

Ball Screw & Trapezoidal Screw Drives


  • Rolled, ground and whirled ballscrews
  • Insert covering threaded nuts
  • Preload and accuracy as determined
  • Individual end machining
  • Super finished for highest loads
  • Long service life and smooth running
  • Fully certified and guaranteed
  • System integration possible

Ball screw and trapezoidal screw drives transform a rotational into a longitudial motion and vice versa. Isotech offers both types of threaded spindles in both metric and imperial dimensions and in all major industry standards. Thereby, ballscrews, which work with balls as rolling elements, offer a higher efficiency than trapezoidal screws which is exposed to a sliding friction. Similarly, a ballscrew is preferably used for dynamic positioning applications during a continuous operation. Trapezoidal screws on the other hand are ideal for slow movements or clamping tasks with a short duty cycle.

Ballscrew with Driven Ballnut AMFH

For conventional ball screws speed is an obstacle for the implementation in many industrial applications. The longer the ball screw spindle, the higher the risk will be that the required speed cannot be achieved due to the critical revolution-speed of the spindle. In these cases we recommend the use of a ballscrew with a driven ballnut. The combination of custom ball screw nut, axial angular contact ball bearings and and a precision threaded nut will yield a powerful, toothed belt driven unit that delivers optimum results even at high speeds. Upon request, a corresponding drive wheel can also be integrated.

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