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High Rigidity Ball Slide Guides

High Rigidity Ball Slide GuidesSeries: SGL

  • Load Capacity: 7.29 – 74.8 KN
  • Length: 160 – 2985 mm

High Load Stability, Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Isotech High Rigidity Ball Slide Guide is designed to maintain stability under extremely high load conditions. The use of 4 ball circuits and arch ball groove design stabilitizes uneven multidirectional load factors and assures smooth continuous movement throughout the work cycle.

The SGL bearing block incorporates a ball retainer, permitting the block to be easily removed from the rail. This allows for ease of maintenance and assembly of your machine. The “pre-seals” are designed specially for this Slide Guide, providing superior lubrication retention over long periods of operation.

An optional feature available is the Raydent. This treatment is applied to both block and rail which will provide for a highly dependable and proven anti-corrosion protection package. This feature is found to be idealistic in clean room applications.

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