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Extra Wide Ball Slide Guides

Extra Wide Ball Slide GuidesSeries: BSG12W, BSGS9W, BSG14W, BSGS12W, BSG16W, BSGS14W, BSGS16W

  • Load Capacity: 353 – 1102 lbs.
  • Travel: 1.3 – 24.2″
  • Length: 3.149 – 26.377″

The BSGW Extra Wide Ball Slide Guide consists of a block and a guide rail, both having two R-shape raceway grooves machined by precision grinding. The block consists of a main body having raceway grooves and a resin return cap ensuring smooth circulation of balls. These precision steel balls roll in the respective raceway groove with contact at four points. With its increased number of rolling elements and increased width, this unit can replace the use of two linear guides. Stiffness in regard to moment load is increased, thus creating an effective compact linear motion mechanism.

Since precision steel balls are used as rolling elements, the rolling resistance is extremely small, ensuring smooth and stable operation. The block is a simple structure, so the slide guide is compact and inexpensive. Its compactness and light weight also make this product optimum for linear operation at high speed.

Stainless steel extra wide ball slide guide type (BSGS) is available. The BSGS type uses stainless steel for the block and guide rail, thus having superior corrosion resistance.

  • Smooth and Stable operation.
  • Compact, lightweight, and low price.
  • High load capacity utilizing the R-shaped groove.
  • Four-point contact to carry load and moment in all directions.
  • 400 Series stainless steel type available.

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