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Aluminum / Stainless Steel Crossed Roller Tables

Aluminum / Stainless Crossed Roller TablesSeries: NBT-1000A, NBT-1000AM, NBT-1000AM, NBT-2000A, NBT-2000AM, NBT-2000AM, NBT-3000A, NBT-3000AM, NBT-3000AM, NBT-4000A, NBT-4000AM, NBT-4000AM, NBT-6000A, NBT-6000AM, NBT-6000AM

  • Load Capacity: 66 – 2032 lbs.
  • Travel: 0.71 – 9.06″
  • Length: 1.378 – 14.170″
  • Straight Line Accuracy: 0.0001″ / inch of travel
  • Positional Repeatability: .0001″
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.003 typical
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage and base, hardened steel or 400 Series stainless crossed roller rail sets.
  • Finish: Gold anodize carriage and black anodize base.

Isotech’s Gold Motion Series Aluminum Crossed Roller Tables offer low cost and lightweight aluminum body construction to support heavy loads with low friction and precision linear motion.

Factory assembled and ready to install, each crossed roller positioning table consists of an aluminum base and an aluminum carriage, both precision milled, and a pair of hardened steel linear bearings. Counterbored clearance holes, in base, permit easy mounting. Threaded holes, closely spaced in carriage, permit attaching your components without additional machining. Factory preloaded bearings eliminate side play. Internal stops, in the form of projecting screw heads between the underside of the carriage and base, protect bearings from overtravel during handling.

Mount on flat surfaces to provide full support to the base. Loads stated, may be applied in any direction. Load values are calculated for weights evenly distributed on your positioning table. For full life of tables, we recommend careful calculation of moments and cantilevered loads.

For applications where particulate contamination caused by corrosion must be reduced. Isotech offers Gold Motion crossed roller tables equipped with corrosion-resistant, stainless steel, crossed roller linear bearings.

  • High accuracy and load capacity with precision ground V grooved ways and rollers.
  • Withstands force in any direction by using alternately crossed rollers 45° angle.
  • Easy installation with threaded mounting holes in standard pattern.
  • 400 series Stainless Steel models available. (Rails only)
  • Lightweight aluminum base and carriage.
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturer’s slides.

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