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Ball Slides

Ball SlidesSeries: C, D, CA, E, DA, M, EA, N, MA, S1, NA, S2, SA1, S3, SA2, SA3

  • Load Capacity: .75 – 205 lbs.
  • Travel: .33 – 12″
  • Length: .52 – 15″
  • Straight Line Accuracy: 0.0005″ / inch of travel
  • Positional Repeatability: .0002″
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.003 typical
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage and base, hardened steel shafts and balls, mild steel end caps.
  • Finish: Clear anodize carriage and black anodize base. Other finishes on request.

Isotech’s Ball Slides offer the designer an aluminum base and carriage with hardened stainless components for superior corrosion resistance and less chance of particulate contamination. Available in standard low profile mounting, the designer can choose a style of bearing and type of rolling element specifically to meet the needs of the most particular applications.

Preload can be adjusted to change the friction and axial play characteristic therefore customizing the ball slide to its intended use. A 5-inch wide cross section allows the movement of bulky devices without the necessity of constructing tables with more than one unit.

  • Factory preload adjustment prevents sideplay and backlash.
  • Lightweight aluminum carriage and base with high load capacity.
  • Built-in holes simplify installation and component mounting.
  • Steel shafts, ground over the entire length, reduce coefficient of friction to 0.003.
  • Long life, self cleaning ball bearing needs no lubrication.
  • Mounting surfaces, parallel to the line of motion, provide straight line accuracy to 0.0005″/” of travel.

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