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Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders

Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders

  • Bore: 9.3 mm to 32.5 mm
  • Piston Area : 67.7 mm to 830 mm
  • Max Pressure: 0.7 MPa
  • Force Output at Max PSI on Rear: 47.4 N to 581 N
  • Force Output at Max PSI on Rod: 42 N to 526 N

5 Reasons to Choose Isotech Air Cylinders

  • The Airpel air cylinders eliminates stiction, that notorious affliction which causes air cylinders to stick at the start of a stroke.
  • Its self-aligning graphite piston Pyrex® lined stainless steel cylinder respond to a mere 0.2 psi of pressure.
  • Their performance is unaffected by temperatures from -85F to +302F.
  • The Airpel contains no oil and never needs lubrication. It also has no interference seals to wear out.
  • Super smooth, ultra-sensitive actuation for millions of cycles at all speeds.

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