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Isotech Low Friction Air Cylinder Actuators Now Feature High Accuracy Linear Position Feedback

January 31st, 2012 by isotechinc.
Airpel GMR Sensor Air Cylinder

Airpel GMR sensor equipped air cylinder

NEW from Isotech – Precision linear position sensors for Airpel air cylinder actuators

GMR Sensor Features:

  • GMR sensor technology uses magnetically activated cylinder sensors
  • Can be fitted to existing Airpel non-stiction air cylinders
  • Sensor chip is a highly compact profile that does not interfere with system design
  • PNP and NPN output available
  • Sensors do not need to be adjusted to magnetic field polarity

Hatfield, Pa, January 2012 — Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, now offers popular Airpel air cylinder actuators with non-contact GMR (Giant Magneto Restrictive) sensor technology for unmatched accuracy in linear position feedback.

Airpel non-stiction air cylinder actuators feature a specially shaped stainless steel piston precisely fitted to a borosilicate glass cylinder. This design creates a true air bearing airflow effect around the piston virtually eliminating friction and extending piston life well beyond most application requirements. “Adding the GMR switching sensors means that Isotech can now provide the Airpels with the most precise and accurate magnetically activated cylinder sensors on the market,” said Joe Casillo, Isotech president. “And because the sensors are so easy to install, our customers have no problems retrofitting their existing Airpel actuators.”

The sensors are installed by sliding them into aluminum T-slot tracks which are mounted on the air cylinders. The tracks are positioned according to customer specifications and permanently bonded along the entire length of the cylinder. Isotech also offers Airpel cylinders with sensor tracks and a switch-activating magnet attached to the air cylinder piston.

GMR sensor chips present a highly compact profile that does not interfere with system design. The sensors are encased in a small, durable plastic shell with an LED window permitting a clear view of the switching signal.

Isotech provides GMR sensors with PNP or NPN output, along with matching accessory extension cables available in 2 and 5 meter lengths. The sensors operate at 10-30 V DC and have repeatability of < 0.2mm. Magneto resistive technology is based on the measurement of the average strength of the magnetic field. This means that unlike Hall Effect and reed sensors, GMR sensors from Isotech retain their integrity in secondary magnetic fields and significantly reduce the potential for double switching, assuring reliability and consistent accuracy. GMR sensors do not need to be adjusted to magnetic field polarity.

Airpel air cylinder actuators with GMR sensors from Isotech provide smooth motion and longevity in a wide variety of pneumatic driving devices for applications such as tensioning, positioning, holding/clamping fragile materials, weighing, measuring, and calibration. For more information call Isotech at 800-314-3332 or visit

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